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Our technicians are always asked very similar questions, so we thought we'd try and make things easier on garage door owners by creating this FAQ page. Take a look at the answers we provided below.

Almost every garage door is designed to work properly with a specific type and size of rollers that are designed or approved by the manufacturer to work properly. Using the wrong rollers can cause damage and void your door's warranty. Check with our specialists to replace a broken roller properly and make sure your door operates exactly according to the manufacturer's specifications.
Noises coming from your door are a definite warning that something isn't working properly. Check for any obvious obstructions, like a rake or broom in the way, loose bolts or anything else that's out of the ordinary. If you don't see the problem, call a professional to take a look. In all likelihood the problem will only get worse and eventually cause damage or breakage to the door.
When the door is fully closed, disconnect the operator and pull the red release. Manually open the door halfway and let the door go. The door should stay in roughly the same position. If it suddenly drops to the ground, you should employ a professional to address the issue.
Firstly, open your door using the wall button. Does it open? If not, you probably have a problem with your remote control. The most common resolution is to simply replace the batteries, but if this doesn’t fix the issue, check to see whether the indicator light illuminates during operation. The receiver might be bad, in which case you’ll need to call a service technician.
Our Reliable Experts

Our Reliable Experts

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Fast Response

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Competitive Pricing

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